GREEN BUOY ° 0.7L ° 18% VOL
GREEN BUOY ° 0.7L ° 18% VOL

GREEN BUOY ° 0.7L ° 18% VOL

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For the first time we get family additions away from vodka. For this step we have teamed up with the peppermint liqueur experts from Feine Sahne Fischfilet.

Nobody has given peppermint liqueur more limelight than the band from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. And regardless of their years of tastings before, on and behind the stage, they are just correct guys with whom we share the same values. The perfect basis for a collaboration!

Together we wanted to do it differently, but above all better, and spent a long time tinkering with the perfect liqueur for us. In contrast to the usual products on the market, we wanted a natural taste. In a specialized manufactory we found the special peppermint extract, which is also obtained with mint from regional cultivation. You can taste the difference immediately. The usual sticky mouthfeel is also a thing of the past, because the significant reduction in sugar content offers enough space for the real mint taste.

Another thing that Partisan and Feine Sahne Fischfilet have in common: we love good design. That's why we went our own way here too and are proud of the result.

Of course, the Northern Lights also had the perfect name in their luggage and the "Green Buoy" was born.

Alcohol content: 18% vol.

Bottle size: 0.7 L

Production + bottling: Germany